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27 February 2013 @ 06:59 pm
after 2 months of study and another month of exam..what i found is that 80-90% of what i read during those 2 months is useless..okay..that's not true because i might use it later in life...
but for that final exam..nothing came out...
that's why people say..study smart not hard...
but think it again..that maybe what God trying to teach me..cause He is the one who let us live in His world and we sometimes forget Him..and He will never forget about us,giving the best thing for us,what we need not what we want..
we should be grateful...

okay..now i'm oficially a final year student..

my first impression...final year going to be hectic..
but now i think its more than that..
i'm jealous of my friends from other colleges..
their final year is not as hectic as i am...
but maybe they might be busier than me in their last semester...so at least i got to relax a bit before finals..

okay times up..
to all those people who searching for me..
don't worry..i'm still a fan of arashi..i still follow their news..not as much as before but still follow them..its great that i can still hear about them through lj..we have a really huge fanbase for our favourite boys..ganbatte minna!!

i should quit rambling now..bye
07 April 2012 @ 11:51 pm
people often say that when you become a year older you'll be more knowledgeable,thoughtful and many more..but in my case is not at all...even my family also said the same thing last few years
my sister..the most adorable,cute like a bunny(btw she's cute when she's younger at least)said that me,her elder sister,the first in family,didn't grow up at all either physical or mental..OMG!
whatever it is i don't really care what people say about me at my back..
being used to be treated like this in school..i know what to be expected from my collegue
hopefully that i can still be
1)my parents' good girl(i love you so much papa and mama!)
2)my siblings good sister (i know you guys love me so i love you guys too!)
3)good student to my teacher(just finished watching blackboard..sho-kun,ganbattane..arigatou gozaimas..)
4)good citizen to my country
and i love my friends too..

21 February 2012 @ 11:50 pm
no matter what kind of story it is..
the casts..
the characters..
i will like them...so..i am mystery lover!
so when Nazodi came out..eventhough people said it's not as expected
to me Nazodi is a really good drama..
it slowly give the clue to solve the mystery..so everyone simply able to just sit back n relax solving the mystery..
then matsujun's drama come..
matsujun always act as typical loveboy character since hanadan..
to the extend that i want to shout at him that don't juz accept that kind of story..
he is such a good actor..i miss him in kindaichi a lot..
but now i find lucky 7 is interesting..slow start but it's picking up..
eventhough it's not really a mystery drama..it has mystery-like sense..ganbare matsujun!!

i really hope that riida's and aiba-chan's drama got good rating..
maybe i can say that this year is arashi's mystery year!!

p/s:i think johny tries to make them busy to increase sales..not that i say he got no other group that bring profits..juz that he maybe can't get enough of arashi..
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17 January 2012 @ 11:32 pm
.............it is what i can say today!
..getting news about result coming out when i'm in bus going to my friends wedding on sunday
...heard that the management just called dean,vice dean and the registrar to office on yesterday

*oh god,can i just pretend that i pass and go home now?*

....but then,they postpone our result to this morning
.....because of that, i got weird dreams all night that i don't even understand
.....this morning early morning class at 7.50am is not really a class because all of us waiting for the result which suppose to be out by 10am
......waiting for result at lobby at 9.30am till 10am but they postpone it again and

*i gave up*

on the way home from hospital at 1pm thinking that i should have lunch but there's no food..
went to supermarket and buy all the groceries...
prayers and cooking....
got sms
*result out*

although it is not sudden..i knew it before..but since i just gave up waiting for it..it all come to me that i cannot be here..i must see mine..

*ok2..be calm..relax..where's my num?hummm..relax*

end of story...
01 September 2011 @ 10:30 pm
this is the truth..
only yesterday is eid and i've been celebrating and fooling around but today..
wuahhhh...so sleepy!!

and i miss matsujun's birthday too!!
love you doumyoji-kun!(hehehe..)
be stoic and fabulous as ever..
and will be waitng for that play!

got many things downloaded..going to watch them before going to bed!
12 May 2011 @ 06:47 pm
finally i can enjoy watching arashi..
eventhough i have to answer forensic paper with bloody nose with bloody tissue in my hand..

the worst paper for me is pathology..
with blank mind,i return the paper with many blank spaces..
i'm gonna fail for sure..
it suppose to be like that in microb not in patho..but i come to like microb now so i think i overcome that

i'm so happy that they are going to release new album and dvd..
really hope that i can get the first press edition..
and yesterday
i look over their info about concert..
it changed to "coming soon"
so that's mean they are going to have another concert!i'm so happy!

and about riida and matsujun doing charity..so sweet of them..make me wonder wether the other 3 will do the same thing...
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27 April 2011 @ 01:32 pm
 just browsing the internet..and i see some pictures..

back to back pattern
and these too..
but these pattern is welcome too...
because they look happy together...
now do you understand what is this post about?!
ps:just in case you don't..i just ship them too much..that's all!!

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24 April 2011 @ 10:27 pm
 just finish full course of you-suppose-to-cry-after-watching movies...don't know what got into me this few days...just feeling like crying is the best way but can't so i watch that kind of movies..
i know its weird but really its the best way..
i have exam in another 2 weeks you know..
from sad dramas to scary movies...what i get is only blurry vision..not enough to make me cry hard..
i read GANTZ PERFECT ANSWER spoiler..
my tears start falling down immediately..don't worry..i won't tell you guys..
to some extent i'm amaze with myself..
no wonder my friends said that i'm weird...
i didn't cry watching hindi movies(love story) and slept in the middle..(never mind..hindi movies is not really my favourite)
i didn't cry watching korean dramas..
i didn't cry watching english movies..
(btw these includes love,scary movies and dramas)
in the end..i conclude that all those kind of movies is not suit for me who always prefer japanese...
not only movies and dramas..songs too..
i can easily get bored...i kind of sleep whenever i hear radio play those songs..the record so far is 3 songs continously..
but not with jpop..especially ARASHI..hehehe..
okay its enough..typing this post with eyes full of tears..i want to continue watch door to door..
another sad but meaningful story..
ahh..good luck to luvmimialia ..hope you get good result..
ps:i really ship kazuyuri now..hope they got another drama to act..

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15 April 2011 @ 10:00 pm
 just finish watching hna and vsa sp..
tired but happy...
tunnels and the gang is the "same" as ever..but i guess it is because they are veteran comedian..i'm sorry if i hurt their fans..(i am their fans too..)
but i mean it in good way..although sometime i find it annoying...
and finally arashi win..it's definitely revenge!!
the new game..kicking sniper is good too..everyone seem happy and i can't help noticing matsujun laughing really hard that he had to hold his stomach(just assume he laugh so hard that it hurts)..
and i some sort notice that he became friendlier..not acting cool anymore..nino also become some sort matured..aiba as pretty as ever..ohno with short haircut..sho with hmm..no change at all?they look more like brothers now..i watched them and i miss my brother and sisters..
hna too..the way nino and sho propose..kyaa!!
just 4 them..after i know that it from comedian..i don't want to imagine it anymore!!
and yamada taro pair returns!!!!!
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06 April 2011 @ 07:44 pm
 yup..today is my 22nd birthday but i'm in front if my laptop and forensic books coz tomorrow is exam!!
its suppose to be 1 month ago but somehow it got postpone till tomorrow (not somehow anymore coz i know that my "beloved friend" asked my "beloved teacher" to postpone the exam)

good news is this morning my dean announce his new book on biomedical -?-(sorry i forgot the title) and all of us got day off today...
but i can really enjoy since tomorrow is exam so i will save it till tomorrow..
got to get new haircut..
shopping (since none of my family here,so ,shopping alone and use my own money )..think i get myself a new handbag or blouse or shoes
and eat out..
p/s:first time in my life my mom wish me happy birthday in the right day..my whole family always wish me tomorrow , why? i don't know
pp/s:thanks to luvmimilia..hoping that she will treat me dinner as my present..hihihi..
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22 February 2011 @ 09:38 pm
CAUTION!!- this is just a random post...

its been a long time since i make a post...
i even missed my ichiban birthday!!..(sho-kun..gomennasai!!)
happy belated birthday!!(i'm late for 1 month already.)

lots of things happen..
-got a fever..and got cured
i actually missed sho-kun bday because i have fever for a week

-watched a drama to the end..and now watching a new one..
omg...just watch spec till episode 3..its really good..i know toda its a good actress but i never know she can act like this..
and eventhough kase ryo's character is weird(to me only..) but i think he really is a good actor..no wonder he can act in iwo jima

and i just got to watch kokuhaku and goth...(i know i'm too late..busy you know)..i just realised that i like this sort of movies and drama...
no wonder  that my friend said that i'm weird..i  really like mushy bushy lovey dovey drama afterall..my best love drama is hanadan and i watch it because its not too cliche..

-getting into study group..
apparently i'm forced to be in that study group because i need to pass the exam!!
every week we  have to master 4 parasites..i know..i know..i need to..i don't want to kill my patient because my lack of knowledge..it just that i didn't expect that i have to study all of them!

alright..i'm babling too much...i have other things to do and here i am complaining about my life..
i guess i just have to love to do things and people around me more so that i can quit complaining and live happily...
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03 January 2011 @ 10:02 pm
 aaaahhhhhh....i'm here ...in bangalore...something wrong with my eyes...
i cannot believe i'm here already.just now reach bangalore airport will be here for another 8 hours...
miss malaysia so much..
i'll be counting days again...for the next holiday..
actually is not guaranteed that they will give us holiday...for our uni...
and is not as long as other uni...we get 2 weeks holiday for a year...
so enjoy the holiday given  to you!!
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25 December 2010 @ 08:21 am
 omedetou aiba-chan...happy 28th birthday....
yayy..today we got music station super live...going to watch it for sure...hahaha...
i'm so happy that i'm home...
my home is the best ever...
i remember about this one student in my college..just put his name "tempe"...this tempe asking my friend from same country what she like about malaysia?it is small,not really famous...what's there?...
duh..of course i love my malaysia because of malaysia....ifeel like telling him that...my friend just ignore him like me...there's no use telling people like that...
 i really love this pictures

and lastly this pic

can't wait for his drama...
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25 November 2010 @ 07:41 pm
exam is coming...so what?!!!
happy birthday riida...who's going to believe he's 30 now....
i wonder what member give him...
btw i'm loving hatenai sora more and more now...along with nishino kana's kimitte...
and of course i love freeter!
!hope they go to see fishing with him!!!
hope they go fishing or have a picnic with their riida!
06 September 2010 @ 04:20 pm
just finish posting..
it is surgery..
and i feel terrible...
eventhough i just see how they are performing the surgery but  the way they did it just make me sick..
the first one is end colostomy of sigmoid colon...
but that's not the one..
its the next one..
the 2nd surgery..
excision of squamous cell carcinoma...this is it..this the one that make me sick
i thought they just going to remove the cancerous part..(in between the 4th & 5th toe of right foot..but..
the cut off the 5th toe just like you cut paper using scissors..
and the man is not fully anaesthesized..only at the right foot..
so he knew something going on but didn't know what is it..
i know i should be prepared but at least do it with humanity...

last week my friends collapsed outside the OT just after operation end...and this also surgery of removal of toe but in a woman..

P/S:i don't think that everyone knows what i'm talking about but at least the one who read it knows i feel terrible..
if anyone who interested, you can just google it..
01 September 2010 @ 07:49 am
it is indeed timeless but for me the gap btwn us too must not be more than 7-8 years...
it's because when i'm 28 he must not be more than 35..
i prefer someone older than me and of course i'm not interested in someone younger..
11 August 2010 @ 06:08 pm
it's a month now..for being at home...
hmm what did i do?
..bought 1pair of slack,jeans,blouses and t-shirts
..and lots of cds and dvds..
..lots of food..made at home and outside food
..fruits..lucky i'm back at home during this season..
3.travelling..(i don't think its the right phrase)
..mainly by myself..it's really dangerous..last time a girl was kidnapped..lucky that her parents found her back and thanks to the good citizen who bring that little girl to police station
..but one thing FYI, i'm not the type that enjoy going out for along time..
4.ripping and downloading videos..
..lots of dvds..so..need a lot of time to ripped them..
..hmm..5 jdorama..
..and also there's a lot of arashi videos to download ..
5.helping my mom..
..around the house and help her selling stuffs..

that's all i can list..becoz i can't list all the things that i do..
....and one thing..what do you all do during holidays?..i just wonder coz i want to know something about you as well..

p/s:there's a post regarding name of arashi members in manga..i the manga but due to certain reason which doesn't involve money at all..i didn't buy it..
pp/s:i'm watching an anime called Dragon Drive..it's about monster game and stuffs..and there's a dragon called Arashi-storm..they really popular ne..
ppp/s:i'm going back to school..i don't really feel like leaving home..wuahhh

pppp/s:lastly..i'm still waiting for my copy of bnmf!!
                                     boku no miteiru fukei!!

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16 July 2010 @ 09:04 pm
i got 1st class...
thank you so much to allmy friends...
i've just cry seeing my result...
i don't care about distinction or not...i juz relieved that i pass....


of course
i've been waiting for my copy of the album
it's been weeks since i come back home..
just another 2 weeks....

only 5 days at home, i've watched 2 dramas already...
28 June 2010 @ 12:59 pm
today i had my biochem paper...when i see the first question,waahhhh i didn't read this..and of course it is for 10 marks..
oh my god..am i going to fail..
i feel like crying...
i'm really bad at this subject..and the first question is enough evidence..
i juz really hope that i have enough marks to cover this paper..and tomorrow is paper 2..
i hope i can score this paper which everyone in my class know it is really hard...

and look what i'm doing here..i supposed to be studying for tomorrow
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02 April 2010 @ 09:09 am
 i've notice a lot of mago2 streaming on youtube and most of them seem to be subbed.i mean i notice the video is same as stormy or aibaka subbed video..i don't think it is okay.it's not fair for subbing team at least..it's not a problem if they subbed it by themselves or video of performances that doesn't need to be subbed..

p/s:i just hope Johny's don't find these videos on youtube.. 
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22 March 2010 @ 07:00 pm
tokujo kabachi finally end last night...and that last scene..Kyaa!!!
from what i heard that scene is the last scene they filmed...unusual right?but isn't that sweet?they very last scene film is the sweetest scene overall...
if only there's some rumour about them(sho and maki)..i totally support them..(eventhough i really love him)
from my view they just look good together(cute actually) like junxmaou and ninoxmasami (this is still rumour,i really hope this 2 couple are true too)


by the way i'm really excited about today's last Ans..oops i'm supposed to be sad right..can't wait for review
and also it less then 3 weeks until the dvd release..7th April,good day because it's my birthday...actually it is on 6th but since my mom give me name on 7th so my family and i always celebrate it on 7th
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21 March 2010 @ 02:29 pm
 just now i watch mario cm..its been a long time since ohmiya sk...miss that time a lot...
and then suddenly my friend told me nino got new cm..
chocolaBB something (if interested just find it out..and of course tell me)
mario of course my first and favourite  video game ever..somehow after watching the cm i feel like playing again but impossible because
1.i forgot how to play it already 
2.i don't know where and when i last see the cd(most probably it's not there anymore,my mom doesn't really approve me and family play video
games,so i think she threw it out last few years)

14 March 2010 @ 09:34 am
just finish exam yesterday....yay..it's been along time since i made this journal..but i don't really have time to make a post yet...
so today i devote myself to make my first post ...

it's kind of sad hearing shukudai  being stopped..this show is my favourite among all arashi's show.....what will happen to ogura-san?
will he join them in their new tv show?
really hope so...somehow  i like their combination......

ohno's new drama?monster?!! wow..and the casts are really funny...

by the way friends...thanks for adding me..

arashi's time..got to go......